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29 September 2007 @ 08:47 pm
Well the project is still going forward slowly. We've had Shaun, one of our developers, step down on us due to real life constraints and lack of time to be able to commit to the project because of work schedule. Ken is still working with editing and such and is having fun helping his landlord get things in the house cituated.Thomas is working a lot and is commiting as much as he can to the projects but the typing from his end has slowed down a lot. 50+ hours a week is a lot to keep up with. Myself I've taken a few weeks off of typing to actually think about what else needs to be done and work on some real life problems that have cropped up on me. But starting next week we're going to be working on plugging away at getting some stuff typed up as we can.

We're still working on adding things as needed and we need ideas for human upgrades that they can have to help make a human/transformer game mix a little less leathal for a human squishie. For those who want to know what we will need imput on can check out our website (the home page link) and check out the work in progress list.

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02 September 2007 @ 02:53 am



It sounded simple at first. (And I’m going to kill tables while editing soon…) How to you create something that for me, was a childhood thing that we often played on the playground of our grade schools. Running around as our favorite cartoon heroes and villains hell-bent on world destruction and conquest, or at least in the span of the half an hour or so we where given for our lunch.


For a while, my transformers obsession was a great passion, but it faded as I got older and bigger priorities took hold. College, life, marriage, and divorce pushed something I loved as a child to the back of my mind. After all, it was childhood fancy, or so I was told. But it never left me, that important little spark that was still a slight no matter how old I became. I kept telling myself for the longest time, “it’s in the past, a childish thing.” Passing the isles of a toy store, I wanted to go ogle the transformers toys, everything that I never had. But it was “childish”. An adult shouldn’t act that way.


Then the movie came out in 2007, and that childhood obsession reared its head and said “Here I am! Embrace me!” Again I wanted to push it down, but my friends and I over a car ride home theorized, what a table top role playing game would be like for Transformers. We went to see it in theaters many more times (5 for myself) and each time, there was the voice in my head calling me to do something about the itch that had crept into my fingers to put down the system on paper. Each scene I was theorizing how it could be done in a role players setting, each time an event took place, how the mechanics would work.


So a couple of weeks went by, and finally there was an argument about it. “There needs to be an RP system! But no one will make one.” “Fine” I said, and thus, the resulting pages are the brainchild of years of table top experience, live action roleplaying, and online games come to the forefront. It may not be the best, but it’s ours, and it’s a passion that we as a group have found very fulfilling yet hard at the same time. Now I find that I am willing (with the help of my team) to tackle a simplified system that is fast to generate characters in, easy to modify and make as complicated as you could ever desire. All with the design of having fun and recapture what childhood innocence was really like.


The rules have changed now, no more childish arguments over who’s right and who’s wrong while running through grass fields shooting imaginary lasers at each other; clambering over the monkey bars or slides doing stunts that often got us in trouble. There are in fact rules to follow and a lot of fun to be had. And let’s hope we can make something fun enough for everyone to want to play and the trick is finding a balance.



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